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Injuries That Occur On The Property Of A Third Party

In Texas, business property owners can be held liable for injuries sustained by visitors, whether the injury was caused by a condition on the property, or by a person present at the scene.

Businesses owe invitees a legal duty to exercise reasonable care to protect them against danger from a condition on the premises that creates an unreasonable risk of harm of which the owner knew, or through reasonable care, should have known about. Property owners have a duty to safely maintain premises conditions to prevent injuries that occur on their property, which include the following:

Property maintenance and Personal Injury Law

Whether you are performing your weekly grocery shopping, visiting a friend at an apartment complex, or having dinner with your family, business owners have a duty to provide a safe and hazard free environment for their patrons. This includes:

  • Floors Free of Obstructions, Liquids, and Unsafe Materials
  • Merchandise Secured on Shelves
  • Holes in the Floor
  • Dangerous Sidewalks

If you have an injury due to the lack of maintenance on a premises, Jinks Law Firm can recover your medical expenses, lost wages, loss of your earning capacity, pain and suffering, and mental anguish damages.

Employee Duties On The Premises of A Third Party

Businesses can be held liable for the lack of employee safety training that result in an accident that occurs on their property as a third party. Employees should keep floors clean and free of obstructions, should secure merchandise on shelves, and should report safety hazards like leaks, holes, and any type of trip hazards. Employees should also receive training on how to deal with potentially dangerous customers and how to remove them from the premises. Inadequate safety training and policies and procedures can be considered negligence by a Texas court of law.

It takes skilled personal injury attorneys experienced in premises liability cases to help prove hazards on properties, inadequate safety training and policies and procedures by businesses. The attorneys at Jinks Law Firm are equipped with the resources and knowledge to help recover any damages you may have incurred due to employee negligence at any type of business or a hazardous condition.

Injuries Caused by Third-parties (Non-employees)

Sometimes liability arises when the business knows, or has reason to know, that criminal acts are occurring, or are about to occur and such conduct is foreseeable. A duty exists in such situations because the owner has the ability to control the premises and expel a dangerous visitor.

Jinks Law Can Help

We at Jinks Law Firm know how to navigate claims against property owners to get the best possible settlement for you and your family. All cases are unique and the value of your claim depends on the specific circumstances of your case. If you have been injured on a property due to an unsafe condition or by criminal acts of a third party, contact Jinks Law Firm to discuss your case further at 972-445-4657.

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